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About Us

With a long career in technology I have had the good fortune to rub shoulders with leading minds in many fields. This has included medicine, physics, transportation, social sciences, finance, and all aspects of technology. Some time ago I realized there are excellent ideas in all corners of the world, we simply needed a system / forum to share those ideas and convert data into information into knowledge into wisdom.

As more people raise their standard of living more energy will be needed on a global scale. Old electrical devices and the systems of generation and distribution that fed them will have to evolve and evolve a lot. This does not take into consideration the many new technologies that impact energy consumption (mobile devices, more forms of entertainment, mobility, and climate control etc…) or changes in energy form (such as electric cars that consume a different type of energy while providing essentially the same utility as petrol driven vehicles). All of these aspects will challenge us to be more innovative and more intelligent in how we build and use these devices.

Concernergy.com is our first step to enable this dialogue to begin.


L. H. Avidan