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Car-Less Days

What are Car-Less Days?

Car less days is a concept that is gaining popularity among people. As the title suggests, on a car-less day, the commuter opts to keep his car in the garage one day of the week and takes the public transport or shares a ride to work and back. Car-less days help save substantial amounts of fuel. Instead of fossil fuel, commuters are encouraged to burn calories, riding a cycle or walking to work. Fewer cars on the roads lead to reduced air-pollution and traffic congestions.

Why have Car-Less Days?

Every time a car is used for transportation from one place to another, it produces harmful emissions that contribute to air pollution. One of the ways to reduce this impact is to use public transport facilities and restrict the use of cars on certain days designated as Car-Less Days. Sharing of cars better known as car-pooling is becoming increasingly popular among a growing number of environmentally conscious commuters. In many countries car-less days are also becoming popular among concerned citizens and corporates.