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Panel Heaters

Why use a flat panel heater:

Flat panel heaters are known for their aesthetic value. These flat heaters can be painted to blend in with the interior d├ęcor of the house, proving to be both aesthetic and economical.

Where flat panel heaters can be used:

Flat panel heaters are best suited for houses that do not have any central heating. They act as a supplementary source for localized heating. These heaters can be installed in narrow spaces where bulkier heaters are an obstruction. Some heater models may even be wall mounted to save floor space. Other heaters can be used with a stand as a floor heater. Some models allow you an option of being either floor based or wall mounted. Mounting heaters on the wall ensures that they are out of your toddler's reach, while having it on the floor makes it more portable. These heaters are lighter than most heaters. They are 50% lighter than a traditional oil column heater.