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Smart Lighting in Retail

Energy consumption in retail stores:

Large format retail stores consume a large amount of electricity. This is because products are often spot-lit and the entire shop floor is usually bathed in light. Product displays also consume a significant amount of electricity. Here are a few tips to optimize the energy conservation levels of your retail store:

Lighting Levels:

Lighting is one of the major areas of energy expenditure in retail. Not all parts of the store need to be equally lit. Lighting can be controlled using an automatic lighting control system that dims all the lights at once. Lighting is measured in foot-candles. The maximum amount of lighting necessary is an average of 100 foot-candles. This is generally the lighting necessary to illuminate high value and intricate merchandise. Fitting rooms, areas that sell cosmetics and the pharmacy on the other hand require lighting of 75 foot-candles. General merchandise can easily be displayed in a lighting environment of 50 foot-candles. Offices can run operations in lighting conditions of 45 foot-candles. Lounges and stock rooms do not require as much lighting as other areas and can be illuminated at an average of 20 to 30 foot-candles respectively.