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Having a natural Christmas tree adds a certain charm to the festive season. However what does one do after the season is over? The answer is treecycling. Treecycling is the process of converting your tree into compost or mulch to be reused. Trees should not be wasted as they contain valuable nutrients which can be used for other purposes.

Every year at Christmas time, there are almost 30 to 35 million natural Christmas trees sold. A natural tree is always better than a plastic one as it is a renewable source of energy. On the other hand a plastic tree will contain non biodegradable plastics which are harmful for the environment. In order to ensure that the cutting down of Christmas trees remain eco friendly, for every tree that is cut down at least three seedlings need to be planted in the following spring to maintain a balance. In America most of the trees are grown in the states of Oregon, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Washington. The majority of Christmas trees are grown on farms.