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Recycling Plastic

Plastic is a common material that is found in a lot of products used around the house. A number of things that we buy are often packaged in plastic. The use of plastic bottles as containers is very common. This is because these containers do not break easily as they are strong and safe. Another advantage is that the amount of plastic required to manufacture each bottle is very small.

Why recycle plastic:

The need to recycle plastic is eminent because modern plastics can trace their origins back to chemical by products of the oil-refining process and reserves of crude oil are dwindling. Recycled plastic reduces the demand on this crucial natural resource.� Recycling plastic will also help to reduce the amount of waste material in land fills. Plastics are not biodegradable and do not break down easily. In the average household plastic amounts for 11% of the total household waste and 40% of this are plastic bottles.