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Recycling Glass

Why recycle glass:

Glass is an important material in packaging, especially for the beverage industry. Recycling glass conserves the amount of raw material required for manufacturing new bottles. The process of recycling glass is a simple yet highly beneficial one.

Energy consumption while recycling glass:

Recycling glass helps to save resources and the environment. In the year 2002, 8611,000,000 kWh of energy including electricity was used by the glass industry in the manufacture of glass. In the manufacturing process 1.8 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions was released. Glass can be recycled a number of times without any loss in the quality of the final recycled product. For every ton of glass that is recycled 345kwh of energy is conserved, 225kg of CO2 emissions is averted, 1.2 tons of quarrying resources are saved and the amount of unused glass in landfills is reduced. If you were to recycle two bottles, the energy saved could be utilized to boil water for five cups of tea.