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Recycling Computers

Why recycle computers:

With the rapid penetration of computers across the world, disposing of computers has posed a serious challenge to many homeowners. Recycling computers ensure that some of the resources used in an old computer can be reused for a new one. The falling price of computers is one of the reasons why computers are being replaced so often. In the US 20 million obsolete computers are disposed of every year.

Computers are primarily made of five materials. Plastic accounts for 23% of overall materials, ferrous metals 32%, non-ferrous metals 18%, electronic boards 12% and glass another 15%. A single computer can also contain as much as 2kg of lead. The number of different materials existing in a computer makes it very difficult to recycle. The monitor of a computer is considered to be one of the most difficult parts of the computer to dispose off. This is because the monitor has a large amount of lead in it which is not naturally biodegradable and can contaminate the ground.