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Recycling Styrofoam

A trademark product of the DOW Company, Styrofoam, technically known as polystyrene, is a versatile product. In addition, like most types of plastics, Styrofoam too, is difficult to recycle and reuse and hence causes a lot of environmental pollution. It is a major cause for concern since unlike some forms of plastic Styrofoam is highly inflammable and its production involves the use of the carcinogenic chemical benzene.

When burnt, it gives an acrid smell along with harmful fumes of different chemicals. Ingestion of the material by unsuspecting animals can prove fatal as the material is not digestible and tends to block the digestive tracts, thereby causing death. Like most plastics known to humankind, Styrofoam is also a derived product of petroleum. Styrofoam is usually used as padding while packaging appliances, or as coffee cups, food containers and plates, or as packaging for meat products.