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Residential Wind Turbine

A wind turbine harnesses kinetic energy of the wind and converts it into electrical energy that is compatible with a residential electrical system. A residential unit is normally served by a wind turbine and a local utility. If the wind has minimum speed of around 7-10 mph then the power is drawn from the utility’s grid instead of the turbine. As the speed of the wind increases, the power generated from the turbine also increases. Hence, the dependence on the utility is considerably reduced. In case power is generated is in excess of the demand from the household, it can be sold back to the utility. This entire process is automated.


Most residential wind turbines are ready-to-operate. Individuals who wish to purchase them from the factory need to follow some basic steps during installation which are quick and easy. Self-installation also saves a fair amount of money. It is advisable to discuss individual needs and demands with the local manufacturer to make the most of the wind turbine. Most dealers also offer to install the wind turbines and towers.