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The cost of heating or cooling a house forms a major part of the energy bills that a homeowner has to shoulder. Most often, the little cracks and crevices around doors and windows in the house are ignored as they are considered small issues. Experts cite them as the chief reason for heat loss or a cold drafty interior. Weatherstripping is a great way of dealing with the air leaks from within a house. It is the process of sealing air-leaks, from small holes and openings around the doors, windows and nooks and crannies in a house.

Cracks and crevices make a house leaky, which is among the primary causes for energy wastage. The first step towards weatherstripping is to detect air leaks in a house. A simple method to do this is by closing all doors and windows, turning off all heating or air-conditioning and then going round the house with an incense stick to check for spots where the smoke is sucked away or blown into the house. Apart from door frames and windows, cracks may be present near air vents, exhaust fans, air conditioning, inlets for phone and cable TV lines, mail chutes etc.