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Wave Energy

In the present day scenario where conventional energy sources like fossil fuels are fast depleting, the need for clean, environmentally friendly, and renewable sources of energy is on the rise. Mankind is continually exploring various renewable sources of energy and wave energy is one such source that is being explored for commercial use in the near future. Wave energy can be termed as the energy derived from waves generated/created over the surface of oceans and seas. The winds blowing over the seas create waves, which are then harnessed to create energy.

Wave energy is a powerful and renewable source of energy. There are numerous shorelines and places on earth where wave force produced is large and energy generated, tremendous. Some of the regions where wave energy can be harnessed include the coasts of America, Canada, and Africa. The amount of energy that can be generated from the waves depends on various factors like the speed, wavelength, height of the wave and density of water.